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Playboy  || The Equal Rights Amendment Is One State Away, and Lizzy Jagger Wants You to Help Push It Over the Top, 10 June 2019

ARTnews  || ‘If I Am Not Offending People, There Is Something Wrong’: Artist Natalie White on Using Her Art to Fight for the Equal Rights Amendment, 30 May 2019

W Magazine  || Paris Hilton Partied For the Sake of the Equal Rights Amendment, 25 May 2019

Women’s Wear Daily  || Girl Power Fuels Equal Means Equal Campaign, 22 May 2019

The New York Times  || Rupert Murdoch Is a ‘Big Feminist,’ Says His Wife, Jerry Hall, 22 May 2019 (online); 23 May 2019 (print)

The New York Times  || Paris Hilton, Jerry Hall, Gayle King and Ava DuVernay Party for Social Justice, 23 May 2019

Whitewall  ||  Donna Karan and Mashonda Tifrere’s Empowering “King Woman” Show, 16 April 2019

Cultured  ||  Donna Karan & Mashonda Tifrere on ‘King Woman,’ an Exhibition Empowering Women to be Kings, 20 March 2019

Women’s Wear Daily ||  Donna Karan, Mashonda Tifrere’s Art Lead Her Team for ‘King Woman’ Exhibit at Urban Zen, 15 March 2019 (online); 18 March 2019 (print)

W Magazine || The Most Instagrammed Art of Armory Week 2019, 9 March 2019

The Wall Street Journal  || Donna Karan Has a Lot to Talk About, 8 March 2019 (online); 9 March 2019 (print)

Women’s Wear Daily  ||  How Fashion and Beauty Brands Are Celebrating International Women’s Day 2019, 6 March 2019

Gothamist || The Always-Bizarre Spring/Break Takes Over An Office Building In UN Plaza, March 6, 2019

artnet News || Editors’ Picks: 19 Things Not to Miss in New York’s Art World, Armory Week Edition, 4 March 2019

The Art Newspaper || Three exhibitions to see in New York this weekend: From cross-cultural pollination in Armenia's Christian art to a pagan awakening, 10 Jan. 2019

Whitehot Magazine of Contemporary Art || Eric White on Pop Culture, Watergate, Vietnam, and Time Travel, Jan. 2019

Arte Fuse || Eric White: Triage | Relics at GRIMM New York, 8 Jan. 2019

Art Nerd New York || Eric White's Triage at GRIMM New York, 23 Dec. 2018

artnet News || With Fans Like Leonardo DiCaprio and Tyler the Creator, Artist Eric White Has Quietly Developed a Devoted, High-Profile Following, 11 Dec. 2018

Juxtapoz || A Cinematic and Pop Odyssey: Eric White "Triage" and "Relics" at GRIMM Gallery, NYC, 30 Nov. 2018

VICE || Artists Are Occupying Museums to Protest Big Pharma, 24 Oct. 2018

The Art Newspaper  ||  Ten public art works to see for free around New York this summer, 2 July 2018

Office Magazine ||  Transmissions From Space, 26 June 2018

artnet News  ||  Editor’s Picks, 18 June 2018

Document Journal  ||  After posing for the $5.2 million George Condo, Natalie White is now her own muse, 7 June, 2018

The New York Times  ||  Outdoor Art Installations to Get Excited About, 25 May 2018

Observer  ||  Knight in Shining Armor Trope Gets a Public Reckoning at NYC’s Cloisters, 22 May 2018

NY1  ||  Fort Tryon Park armor exhibit gets suited up, 21 May 2018

artnet News  ||  The Met 3-D Scanned Three Suits of Armor for an Icelandic Artist’s Public Art Show at the Cloisters, 17 May 2018

The Art Newspaper  ||  Three to See, 10 May 2018

The New York Times  ||  New York Today (see "Coming up today"), 9 May 2018

InStyle  ||  Street Artist Swoon on Why Her Work Can Be Girly and Gritty, 1 May 2018

Time Out New York  ||  Life-size knight sculptures are taking over the Cloisters Lawn, 27 April 2018

artnet News  ||  Editor's Picks: 12 Things to See in New York This Week, 20 Nov. 2017

Art Nerd  ||  Swoon and Jeffrey Deitch in Conversation, 15 Nov. 2017

NowThis News  ||  The response to this naked woman statue is the reason why it was needed in the first place, 9 Nov. 2017

NowThis News  ||  This artist used 70 live mice in an art exhibit — and received death threats for it, 9 Nov. 2017

Time Out New York  ||  Animal advocates are throwing a fit over an LES art installation, 2 Nov. 2017

Untapped Cities  ||  A Walk With Live Mice: Exhibition Seeks to Uncover Why We’re Scared of NYC Pests, 1 Nov. 2017

The New York Times  ||  The Learning Network: Is This Exhibit Animal Cruelty or Art? 31 Oct. 2017

artnet News  ||  Art Industry News: Need-to-Read, 30 Oct. 2017

The New York Times  ||  Manhattan Gallery’s Squeaking Floor Angers Rodent Lovers, 29 Oct. 2017

New York Magazine  ||  Women’s Rights Group Files Lawsuit Over Title IX Rollback, 20 Oct. 2017

artnet News  ||  Editor's Picks: 20 Things to See in New York This Week, 16 Oct. 2017

artnet News  ||  Editor's Picks: 13 Things to See in New York This Week, 4 Sept. 2017

Whitehot Magazine of Contemporary Art  ||  Joseph Ari Aloi's 1000 Mornings, Sept. 2017

artnet News  ||  There’s Only One Visual Artist on the NEA’s Board. Here’s What She Thinks of the Imperiled Organization’s Future., 16 Aug. 2017

Smithsonian  ||  The Story Behind the World’s Largest Watercolor Painting, 22 June 2017

VICE  ||  The World's Largest Watercolor Goes on Display at MASS MoCA, 30 May 2017

Hyperallergic  ||  Required Reading, 21 May 2017

artnet News  ||  Mass MoCA Just Became One of America’s Largest Museums, 19 May 2017

VICE  ||  Exploring a Huge, Glowing, Immersive Warehouse Experience at Frieze Week, 17 May 2017

VICE  ||  Arrested for Her Art, an Activist Artist Shows Enormous Nude Polaroids, 13 May 2017

Hyperallergic  ||  Spring/Break Art Show Trades Labyrinthine Rooms for Immersive Installations, 9 May 2017

artnet News  ||  SPRING/BREAK BKLYN IMMERSIVE Is a Welcome Relief from Art Fair Frenzy, 8 May 2017

Whitewall  ||  Natalie White Takes Control of Her Image in A Muse Me, 28 April 2017

Miami New Times  ||  Natalie White, Former Model for Male Artists, Takes Control of the Camera, 28 April 2017

Blouin Artinfo  ||  Natalie White at Bill Brady Miami, 25 April 2017

Playboy  ||  Feature: Art Provocateur Natalie White is Harnessing Her Sexuality for Equal Rights, May/June 2017 issue (print); 19 April 2017 (online)

Playboy  ||  Is a Resurrection of the Equal Rights Amendment Near?, 7 April 2017

DNAinfo  ||  Brooklyn Artist's 'Kaleidoscope' of NYC Skyline On View at Fulton Center, 16 Feb. 2017

artnet News  ||  Check Out Anne Spalter’s Trippy Vision of New York City at Fulton Center, 15 Feb. 2017

VICE  ||  How Natalie White Turned Her Criminal Trial into Performance Art, 27 Jan. 2017

RT  ||  Rapper B. Dolan & Activist Natalie White Join Lee Camp, 27 Jan. 2017

artnet News  ||  Artist Natalie White Found Guilty of Defacing Property for Painting In Front of Capitol Building, 23 Jan. 2017

Observer  ||  Natalie White Makes Trial Into An Artwork, 23 Jan. 2017

Forbes  ||  Artist, Activist, and Muse Natalie White Loses D.C. Court Case But Gets The Win For Women Everywhere, 21 Jan. 2017

Bullett  ||  A Look Inside Feminist Artist Natalie White's Criminal Trial Turned Performance Art Piece, 20 Jan. 2017

The Washington Post  ||  Actress Patricia Arquette testified in D.C. court for friend who was arrested last summer, 17 Jan. 2017

The Huffington Post  ||  Influencer Spotlight: Christopher “Jillionaire” Leacock, 11 Jan. 2017

Playboy  ||  Killer Art for a Good Cause: The Heliotrope Foundation is a Holiday Gifting Miracle, 24 Dec. 2016

artnet News  ||  Gifts for the Art Lover in Your Life, 16 Dec. 2016

Forbes  ||  Swoon Pulls 96 Artists in Fundraiser for the Heliotrope Foundation, 4 Dec. 2016

Interior Design  ||  Standout Installations From Miami Design Week 2016, 7 Dec. 2016 (Christopher "Jillionaire" Leacock)

Interior Design  ||  Standout Installations From Miami Design Week 2016, 7 Dec. 2016 (Anne Spalter)

Artspace  ||  Confessions of a Miami Party Monster, 7 Dec. 2016

artnet News  ||  Satellite Art Show Brings ‘More Fun’ to Miami Art Week, 6 Dec. 2016

PSFK  ||  Marble-Like Mini-Worlds Invade Miami Art Week And Your Mobile Screen, 6 Dec. 2016

VICE  ||  The Most Uncanny Installations at Miami Art Week, 5 Dec. 2016

The Huffington Post  ||  Art Basel in Miami Beach 2016: The Best Events of the Week, 3 Dec. 2016

artnet News  ||  Female Artists Take Their Rightful Place at PULSE Miami Beach, 2 Dec. 2016

Playboy  ||  Lap Dances, Tattoos and… Fine Art? Meet Art Basel’s Sexy Little Sister, 2 Dec. 2016

Hyperallergic  ||  Miami Beach’s Satellite Art Fair Draws the Interactive into Its Orbit, 2 Dec. 2016

VICE  ||  13 Works Dominating Art Basel Online, 2 Dec. 2016

PAPER  ||  Mega-Guide to Art Basel Miami Beach 2016, 1 Dec. 2016

Whitewall  ||  PULSE Miami Articulates Postmodernism, 1 Dec. 2016

Blouin Artinfo  ||  ‘SATELLITE Art Show’ at South Beach, Miami, 1 Dec. 2016

PAPER  ||  What's Happening Thursday at Art Basel Miami Beach 2016, 1 Dec. 2016 (Satellite)

PAPER  ||  What's Happening Thursday at Art Basel Miami Beach 2016, 1 Dec. 2016 (Heliotrope Foundation)

PAPER  ||  What's Happening Thursday at Art Basel Miami Beach 2016, 1 Dec. 2016 (Christopher "Jillionaire" Leacock)

The Art Newspaper  ||  Our guide to the satellite fairs during Art Basel in Miami Beach, 30 Nov. 2016

Forbes Travel Guide  ||  Everything You Need to Know About Art Basel Miami Beach, 30 Nov. 2016

Miami New Times  ||  Miami Art Week 2016: The Best Things to Do During Art Basel on Wednesday, 30 Nov. 2016

The New York Post  ||  Everything You Need to Know About Miami Art Week, 29 Nov. 2016

Widewalls  ||  PULSE Miami Beach Returns Strong for the 12th Edition, 29 Nov. 2016

Miami New Times  ||  Art Basel and Miami's Satellite Fairs Compete for the Art World's Attention, 29 Nov. 2016

Billboard  ||  Art Basel Miami: 6 Events You Don't Want To Miss, 29 Nov. 2016

Blouin Artinfo  ||  Must-See Satellite Fairs in Miami, 29 Nov. 2016

VICE  ||  16 Must-See Shows at Art Week Miami 2016, 28 Nov. 2016

The Wall Street Journal  ||  Five Artists to Watch at Art Basel Miami Beach, 26 Nov. 2016

The Financial Times  ||  Art museums heating up Miami’s cultural scene, 25 Nov. 2016 (Satellite)

The Financial Times  ||  Art museums heating up Miami’s cultural scene, 25 Nov. 2016 (PULSE)

Whitewall  ||  Your Guide to the Miami Fairs, 23 Nov. 2016

Time Out Miami  ||  The Best Art Basel 2016 Parties, 23 Nov. 2016

The Miami Herald  ||  Women Artists to Look Out For During Miami Art Week, 22 Nov. 2016

Artsy  ||  PULSE Miami Beach 2016 Programming, 18 Nov. 2016

Whitewall  ||  Experience Swoon's 'The Light After' in Detroit, 16 Nov. 2016

artnet News  ||  Here’s What Artists Have to Say About the Future of America Under Donald Trump, 10 Nov. 2016

Artsy  ||  Inspired by Frank Stella, L.A. Artist Revok Takes Graffiti in a New Direction, 10 Nov. 2016

artnet News  ||  Jen Catron and Paul Outlaw Swim in 3,000 Gallons of Milk for Art at SATELLITE in Miami, 9 Nov. 2016

Hyperallergic  ||  Glimpses of the Afterlife in Swoon’s New Installation, 3 Nov. 2016

Mass Appeal  ||  REVOK Disrupts with Series of Anti-Paintings and Abstract Work, 31 Oct. 2016

Playboy  ||  Meet the Artist Who Used Graffiti-Erasing Tools to Create New Work, 21 Oct. 2016

artnet News  ||  LA Graffiti Legend REVOK Crosses Over to the White Cube, 21 Oct. 2016

Blouin Artinfo  ||  REVOK's First Canvas Venture at Library Street Collective Los Angeles, 24 Oct. 2016

The Los Angeles Times  ||  Datebook: "The graffiti artist known as REVOK is exhibiting his first ever works on canvas in a pop-up exhibition in Mid-City that brings together 17 pieces informed by his work on the street," 20 Oct. 2016

artnet News  ||  Swoon Installation Breathes Life, and Death, Into Deserted Detroit Architecture, 18 Oct. 2016

VICE  ||  Street Artist Swoon Brings a Spiritual Installation to Detroit, 17 Oct. 2016

Juxtapoz ||  REVOK's "SYSTEMS" in Los Angeles, 17 Oct. 2016

CultureSource ||  Fall for Swoon as She Sweeps Through Detroit, 17 Oct. 2016

Art Nerd New York  ||  Swooning for SWOON in Detroit, 12 Oct. 2016

The Huffington Post  ||  Artist Simulates What It’s Like To Have A Shared-Death Experience, 11 Oct. 2016

Miami New Times  ||  Art Basel Miami Beach 2016 and Its Satellite Fairs Make Miami Art Week a Crazy Extravaganza, 5 Oct. 2016

Blouin Artinfo  ||  Datebook: Swoon’s Site-Specific Installation for Solo-Exhibition at Library Street Collective Gallery, Detroit, 27 Sept. 2016

artnet News  ||  Tomoko Sugimoto, Takashi Murakami’s Painting Director, Takes Time Out for Her Own Gallery Show, 9 Sept. 2016

Whitehot Magazine of Contemporary Art  ||  Tomoko Sugimoto Unveils New Embroidery Works in NY, Sept. 2016

Blouin Artinfo  ||  Datebook: Tomoko Sugimoto’s New Body of Work Showcased in New York, 9 Sept. 2016

Art Zealous  ||  Japanese Identity Is Woven Into Tomoko Sugimoto’s “The Unseen World,” 9 Sept. 2016

Guest of a Guest  ||  Tomoko Sugimoto: The Unseen World, 8 Sept. 2016

Art Nerd New York  ||  From Takashi Murakami to The Unseen World: Tomoko Sugimoto, 7 Sept. 2016

ARTnews  ||  Matters of Life and Death: Brian Whiteley Retrieves His Trump Tombstone from the NYPD, 20 July 2016

Forbes  ||  Nanette Lepore and Bob Savage Bring the Lepore Savage Gallery Concept to The Hamptons, 19 July 2016 

Blouin Artinfo  ||  Lepore Savage Gallery, Art in a Town House and by the Sea, 14 July 2016

artnet News  ||  Must-See Art Guide: The Hamptons, 7 July 2016

Whitehot Magazine of Contemporary Art  ||  In Bloom: An Interview with Nanette Lepore and Bob Savage, the Fashion and Art Couple Behind Lepore Savage Gallery, July 2016

Blouin Artinfo  || Instagram: "Nanette Lepore with Robert Savage and daughter Violet Savage at Lepore Savage Gallery, an alternative art space that expands to their Amagansett home this weekend with 'In Bloom' ...," 8 July 2016

artnet News  ||  Swoon Taps Swizz Beatz and Shepard Fairey for Artist-Run Beauty Salon, 18 May 2016

The New York Times  ||  Artist Behind Donald Trump Gravestone in Central Park Steps Forward, 10 May 2016 (Print: May 11, page C1)

The New York Times  ||  Trump Headstone in Central Park: Mystery Solved, 9 May 2016 (Print: May 10, front page below the fold; cont'd page A18)

Bullett  ||  More is More at the Dallas Art Fair, 21 April 2016

Artforum  ||  Scene & Heard for Dallas Arts Week 2016, 22 April 2016

Bullett  ||  Chatting with the Anonymous Artist Behind that Donald Trump Tombstone, 12 April 2016

Autre  ||  Life's a Gasssss: An Interview with Oliver Clegg, 11 April 2016

Hyperallergic  || The Artist Behind the Trump Tombstone Explains Their Intentions, 5 April 2016

Forbes  ||  Artist Oliver Clegg Steps into the Spotlight to Share Ideas at Dallas Arts Week, 4 April 2016

VICE  ||  Donald Trump's Gravestone Is "Not a Death Threat," 4 April 2016

Esquire  ||  The Artist Who Planted a Trump Tombstone in Central Park Explained Why He Did It, 3 April 2016

Gothamist  ||  How A Brooklyn Artist Allegedly Snuck Trump's Tombstone Into Central Park, 2 April 2016

Forbes  ||  Today is the Last Day to View Digital Artist Anne Spalter's SPRING/BREAK Art Show Lobby Installation, 7 March 2016

Artforum  ||  Rites of Spring: Armory Arts Week, 7 March 2016

Whitehot Magazine of Contemporary Art  ||  Anne Spalter's Precession at SPRING/BREAK Art Show, March 2016

Surface  ||  Instagram: "'This intervention by Anne Spalter of the James A. Farley Post Office's old Directory board is ingenious.' —Surface editor-in-chief @spencercbailey on @annespalter's work at @springbreakartshow," 5 March 2016

W Magazine  ||  Anti-Armory: Scenes from SPRING/BREAK; photos 16 and 28, 4 March 2016

New York Magazine / Bedford + Bowery  ||  How to See Art During Armory Weekend and Still Afford to Eat, 4 March 2016

Village Voice  ||  Spellbinding Pieces at the 2016 SPRING/BREAK Art Show, 4 March 2016

Whitewall  ||  SPRING/BREAK's Fifth Installment: The Coolest Show this Week, 3 March 2016

Hyperallergic  ||  Spring/Break, a Sprawling Alternative Art Fair that Delivers, 3 March 2016

Gothamist  ||  Album: Spring/Break Kicks Off Armory Arts Week With A Long Line & A Kissing Closet, 2 March 2016

Autre  ||  Allure of the Palimpsest, 2 March 2016

Artsy  ||  At SPRING/BREAK, 800 Artists Tackle Technology, Ownership, and Appropriation, 2 March 2016

Paper  ||  9 Things to See This Armory Arts Week, 1 March 2016

Forbes  ||  New York Street and Installation Artist Swoon Uses Humanity as Her Most Powerful Tool, 23 Feb. 2016

W Magazine  ||  The Best of Art Basel According to SCAD's Paula Wallace, 4 Dec. 2015

Blouin Artinfo  ||  Instagram: "Spotted in the back room of Denis Gardarin's UNTITLED booth...," 4 Dec. 2015

Blouin Artinfo  ||  Gallery: Highlights from UNTITLED Miami 2015, 2 Dec. 2015

Observer  ||  8 Must-See Satellite Art Fair Booths in Miami: We chose 8 out of one-hundred-trillion-zillion, 1 Dec. 2015

Blouin Artinfo  ||  Instagram: "Don't miss Belgian intermedia artist Joris Van de Moortel's first U.S. solo show at UNTITLED Miami Beach...," 1 Dec. 2015

Forbes  ||  Antwerp-Based Artist Joris Van de Moortel Collides Object and Sound at UNTITLED Miami Beach, 30 Nov. 2015

Forbes  ||  Fashion Power Couple Nanette Lepore and Bob Savage Convert Their Home Into Lepore Savage Gallery, 5 Oct. 2015

Travel + Leisure  || Nanette Lepore’s New Art Gallery is in Her Living Room, 5 Oct. 2015

Vanity Fair  ||  Nanette Lepore Turns Her Living Room—Yes, Her Actual Living Room—into a Public Art Gallery, 2 Oct. 2015

artnet News  ||  Fashion Designer Nanette Lepore Opens an Art Gallery in Her Posh West Village Townhouse, 2 Oct. 2015

T: The New York Times Style Magazine  ||  Nanette Lepore Opens an Art Gallery — and Her Home — to the Public, 1 Oct. 2015

Vanity Fair  ||  Culture List for the week of September 30, 2015; "Every week in Culture List, Vanity Fair editors present a ruthlessly curated selection of parties, art openings, exhibits, and mustn’t-miss events..."